The district of Trastevere (which means "across the Tiber") has been Rome's closest suburb from ancient times.
It was a working-class neighborhood for many centuries, until urban redevelopment hit Rome in the 1960s, and it
has since become an area of restaurants, bars, and nightlife. We stayed in an apartment here, and while we liked the
narrow streets and older buildings, it did get rather crowded in the evenings. Then again, most of Rome is crowded.

The first night we arrived we walked to the Tiber River (only a couple of blocks)
and around the neighborhood, enjoying the noisy chatter of the bars and restaurants.

Our apartment was most of the third floor of this four-story building (above).
It looked out over a nice square (below)--which had about three parking spaces
but mostly about ten or twelve cars and a half-dozen motorcycles parked there!

The neighborhood around was charming, with narrow and winding streets.

We wished the apartment had a balcony--but, as elsewhere, we enjoyed a glass of wine as evening approached.

The place was very well situated: all we had to do was walk across the Ponte Sisto (Pope Sixtus Bridge)
just a couple of blocks away and we were in the heart of Rome. Buses ran on both sides of the river that
took us to most of the places we visited, and while they were often packed with people, they did get us there!


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