Barcelona's fantastic food and markets

We enjoyed wandering through Barcelona's great food markets.

Many were built on areas vacated by monasteries and convents destroyed during riots in Barcelona in 1909.

The range of products was astounding!

Joe turned these into terrific meals at our apartment!

Brian and Joe also went on two walking/eating/drinking tours: one of our neighborhood of Gràcia
and the other of the beachfront neighborhood of Barceloneta. Both are traditionally working-class
neighborhoods and have many old-fashioned bars and cafes serving cheap but tasty local products.

Highlights: fresh grilled squid, a white sausage made with eggs instead of meat,
and a dish that was sort of bacon and eggs served over french fries.

These tours also took them to local bars, . . .

. . . a shop that sold nuts, grains and dried fruit, . . .

. . . a bar for a glass of vermouth (a very typical aperitif in Barcelona), . . .

. . . an old-fashioned coffee roaster, and . . .

. . . a bar that served regional wines delivered from the back of a truck and pumped into barrels.


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