Day 7: Sedona

Sedona is famous for its red soil and because It sits in the midst of magnificent rocky peaks. because of its beauty, it has become a destination for the wealthy, some of whom build homes out in the woods. others come to spas and resorts in sedona, and spend their days shopping at luxury boutiques. so there has been some unfortunate urban sprawl, and miles of strip malls. still, sedona's beauty shines through. in the morning we went for a hike through some of the undisturbed wilderness, where we took these photos.

probably the most interesting shopping center in Sedona is the one known as Tlaquepaque. It was modeled after a Mexican village, and a lot of attention to details make it a great place just to walk around in, as well as to shop. there is even a "church" in the center, built for weddings and other small gatherings. There was also an excellent restaurant there, where we had a delicious dinner.

Later in the day, we took another hike along Oak Creek, which flows through Sedona, and saw more spectacular scenery, including an old water mill, now part of a public park.

toward the end of the day, we drove up to the top of a hill overlooking the town. this is one of the locations of the so-called vortexes, places throughout sedona that are supposed to be spiritually charged and capable of providing great benefit to those who find them. we were more interested in the view, but there were others there who were taking full advantage of the energy being channeled to the spot.

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